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I have promised my company’s photo club to teach an introduction to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. When we first touched on the product, one of the most interesting functions for them was the image database and, especially the keywording feature.

Back in the days when we all shot slides or negative film, keywords were things that you wrote on paper lables and put them on the fronts or tops of the slidde magazines. They would say „Crete, 1988“ or so. Nowadays, as Images are somewhere out there on the internet and the primary mode of finding them is still searching for associated text (i.E. keywords) they have become so much more important and also so much more descriptive. We assign keywords by location, by content, by color, by camera and lens used and other factors. Actually, when you’re trying to sell your images on micro stock agencies, anyone will tell you that your success lies in how well your images can be found, that is, in how well you describe the image by keywords. (mehr …)


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